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- 01.05.2002

We finished constructing our new pigeon house, already have three departments and two wall-plates.

Department 1 with 32 hangers, the 2 with 16 nests and 3 with 32 squares small or also possible hangers, with the two sooleras one for males and another one for females.
We began and taking advantage of our 96 capacity to the maximum we installed pichones, because in department two, separated the nests in two 32 halves and fit pichones.
We already have the pigeon house, plenty with all mixed sexes and flying and returning together.

When pichones has 6 weeks, one occurs them cures against the the 7 TRICHOMANIOSIS and to week not before, the Paramixo and the Smallpox, the same day must be vaccinated against jointly.

Nutritional regime between 30 and 32 grams daily (according to temperatures), always to the same hour and generally after the daily flight.

The food will be compound of 35 % of Leguminosa, Oily 10%, and 55% of Cereals, not to complicate the thing a simple mixture:
- Leguminosas: 5% Vezas, 5% Lentejasm 25% Peas.
- Oily: 10% Cardy or Cartamo
- Cereals: 12% Wheat, 8 % Dari or sorghum, 2% Barley 3% Rice with rind i 30% Maize.
This is a mixture until the third pen falls to them, then we must begin the entrenos, changing to 15 % of Peas and a 40% of Maize, in warm climates if they leave the maize must change it by but DARI, (not but Sorgo), or WHEAT.

To the fall of the third pen, we can begin to train pichones beginning with short distances up to 5 km, and if it is possible, in the four directions, progressively to be increasing 10, 15, 25, 40. 60, 100 etc. The first releases can be done every day, but it must give to it him to eat in the morning when arriving and not flying them but that day.

It never must be enjaular with the full crop of food, and in the first releases he is better to enjaular the previous night, so that they calm in the baskets and to put a drinker to them with water to accustom them and by its good.

He is advisable to travel them until the fall of the fifth pen, and to the males to loosen them of less kilometers than to the females, for example: Males up to 250, females even, 350 etc. (it is an example).

During this time, to leave doves they circulate them around the three pigeon houses and to be making attention to the males who seize of the nidales and are brave and of which they become frightened themselves easily, as well as the order of return in the training. Not always he is mathematical but normally the one that is good of small is it of greater.
Food, always the same one except when they come from training of but of 100 km, in this case:

- Day Arrival: Single barley, wheat, rice, and cártamo or cardy.
- Following Day: Half of this food and normal half
- Rest of days: Normal food


A day to the Probióticos week, with amino acids, if you do not find Probióticos, to give YOGOURT them, in the water if it is not warm one by 3 liters or in food one by sixty doves.

- a day to the week: Ascórbico acid 2 grams by liter of water
- a day to the week Calcium with Vitamin B, possible PROTOVIT or BECOZYME

To be selecting slowly without bad weather risking by and at the end of the training..................................Continued.

Greetings Carlos Márquez



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