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- 23.04.2002

In this second part I am going to explain the details of the pigeon house.

Forced the air extraction and renovation, are essential and without her hardly great triumphs are obtained, many of the great pigeon houses of Belgium, Holland ET are installed thus.

This installation can be made by means of chimneys and extractors, or a pipe that happen of side to side of the pigeon house and are renewing the air, sell them done in England (PIGEON PARADIS)

This renovation of air and nonsingle dust extraction is important for the doves, but also for we ourself, the dust can affect the lungs.
Fabric FRUIT, that is similar to that they take the trucks that transport fruit, is it normally of two or three sizes of the orifice, the ideal: It does not have to pass rain, blowing you cannot move the smoke of a cigarette to the other side to 5 centimeters and however it enters the necessary air, a wonder.

To the wall-plates or gaviales, it is acceded by a small door to the lateral one of departments 1 and 3 and simultaneously, among them and the 2 Estas hatches are due to be able to raise and to close with a cord.

In the front part of the three departments, in the fixed leaf, down a hatch of about 60 cm wide is placed by 25 of stop, tilted, with the purpose of placing in the corridor, the cage of enceste and making happen directly them from the pigeon house to the cage.
If it is possible in the part of the ceiling, that would be closed, single with the chimney and the extractor, to leave a good air chamber.

In the outer ceiling of the pigeon house threads of cord of end to end that is of 8 meters each one and separated must be placed among them of about 20 centimeters. During the times no that aid are those of the front part they retire, but a month before the competitions they become to place, the doves have to fly and when it is called to them, direct the handle, single and a great one, and to the pigeon house, anything of doves revolteando by the tile roof etc, to fly whistle, handle and inside, a second cannot be lost nor.

The three departments, when it is needed are closed by independent blinds hermetically and the doves always accede to the pigeon house by the same entrance and great handle, with the aim that are not confused, because they lived, the three pigeon houses according to the times.

In the wall-plates we can place or crossed woods or a swing, square and hung by small chains of the ceiling, of a dimension of 1.50 xs 0,60, where the doves settled and with the advantage that moves little and does not fight, because the trapeze is put in movement

The explanations you can consult them by the forum.

A greeting Carlos Márquez Prats



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