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- 21.04.2002

The pigeon house is like when one it wants to install a store or a commerce, first to see the dimensions of the premises, and in agreement with them we will see that business class we installed.
I am going to describe an ideal pigeon house and create within reach of many colombófilos, being able to extend or to reduce according to the capacity of the business.
I modulate would have 8 meters wide by two meters fifty centimeters of bottom and two meters twenty of stop and getting up of the ground enter 20 and 50 centimeters.
To power to be would settle a wall-plate or gavial in each lateral one of 1 meter wide by 2 of bottom and 1.50 of stop, to solear the doves, to bathe them and etc.
The pigeon house would have four denominated departments: Corridor, 1 -- 2 -- 3,

Department nº1 -- wide 2.50 bottom high 1.60 and 2,20. In the ground and to a height of 20 centimeters of the same one, an iron or wood grid settled, and between both in humid climates, sand, or straw and in the warm ones, trocitos of wood or similars were placed.
The walls and the ceiling will be isolated and in the same one a chimney of 15 centimeters with an extractor, and thermostat so that hourly it works 15 minutes day and night, with the consequent air renovation and dust extraction will be placed.
In the wall of the bottom hangers settle, with a strip of 15 or more centimeters of thickness, with the purpose of isolating them of the wall and so that the pens of the males do not graze with the wall.
The frontal will be of grates of wood or stainless steel and took a blind that closes the pigeon house hermetically and it isolates it of the others.
The wall-plate or gavial was connected by the lateral one better oriented, to which they will have access, for bath, sun, etc.

Department nº 2 -- the same surface will have that nº 1, but in the wall of the bottom settled 16 nests of 40 cm of bottom, 40 of wide stop and of, 60 isolations equal, chimney, extractor, blind of hermetic closing etc..

Department nº 3 -- it will have the same measures that the previous ones, approximately settled drawers of 20 by 20 cm., with a wedge in form of uve (V) the other way around, so that single a dove fits female by drawer, the equal ground and the wall-plate, the worse one oriented and all other the equal one to the previous ones.

Department nº 4 -- the corridor: it will have a width of about 90 centimeters and the outer part will be formed by a grating of wood or stainless steel, but with a mesh that the entrance of birds etc avoids, but with fabric large windows, of the FRUIT call, by which the air enters but not current it. The Sputnik or entradon only and will be installed in the outside of the corridor and front to the department nº 2, because the doves always must enter by the same access.

With this pigeon house, as I count in the following parts, 32 males and 32 females will be able to be played the widowhood and the natural one, as well as the possibility exists of playing 32 males and females the 32 viudaje and of having pichones, but all this already I will be it counting.

Due to the questions and explanations that I imagine will have these articles, and in order that everybody can be found out all of them we will be it discussing in the debate forum.

That is through the forum you can ask and request explanations on these articles.

Greetings Carlos



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