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- 17.04.2002

In this last part I want hablaros of the Advantages and Defects that the Colombodromos can contribute to the set and future of the Colombofilia.
One of the main advantages, as already it speaks in another Article, is the one to congregate to an indetermine number of Colombófilos, around a common pigeon house, with the illusion and the hope to be present at the arrival of the participant doves and the hers own ones and to attend cuchipanda, and celebration that around it is organized, and to establish new friendships.

But the true bottom of the subject, is the perpetuity and the engrandecimiento of the Colombofilia.

In several Argentina countries, for years, in Colombia I have been creating they are going to begin next, already begin to think about even disputing Championships to National Level, in several colombodromos.

An equipment of 4 doves to one or several colombodromos is sent, and several aids run themselves, normally 200-300-400-500-600, are accumulated points and left the Champions by equipment and the Doves Aces in diverse modalities.

Advantages: All run in the same conditions, send pichones and later every Sunday to enjoy seeing arrive the doves, those that cannot compete in their address, did not leave their liking, they will be able to calmly be present at the aids with his family or even with friends, and to enjoy a complete day of colombofilia without problems, nor to think that tomorrow it must fly his doves, meals, clean them, etc, and that sometimes by its profession or work is impossible.

I imagine the future, great pigeon houses where one will compete in spring and summer, launching slips filled with public, broadcasting of the arrival of the races, in the installed monumental screen to the effect, and by Internet directly to the address of each player. Bets, sales, true aids of criadores, and great publicities of the "winning Blocks", etc.
It seems a dream no, then this already exists in SUN South City Africa, the race run 2000 doves and the players settle in a great Theater and follow the arrival of the doves, by the screen, crossing themselves millionaire bets among them. I have aclararos that the Organization is the responsibility of the Partnership of Casinos of SUN CITY.

But everything is not joys, also we have defects and vices, that we must correct urgently, because they can get to create the disrepute of the system, and consists that what I am going to tell to them I do it by the good of all colombofilia and the future of the colombodromos.
The main problem is in the closings, auctions or sales of the awarded doves and arrivals, many organizers (NOT ALL) base the economic success of colombodromo, in the auction and sale of the same ones, case error, because conscious or unconsciously, tends to reduce I number of kilometers announced in order that the doves arrive maximum possible, and to ensure the economic success. The publication of an aid, its kilometers, conditions of participation, price, etc., are a contract between the organizer and the participant and does not have to alter itself under any concept. If a dove registers, it pays itself, thinking about that 500 km will run (For example) I create is defrauded to the participant when loosen them of 300 or few kilometers but, alleging problems of the time, that sometimes exist, but that never must be reason for postponement but for shortening. In addition the massive arrivals, are inferior the aid.
Let us imagine, that we make a Championship in the same Colombodromo to 5 aids and when arrives I complete of 600 km, we say, as the time is not good we will loosen of 200 km. The Gentleman who goes already ahead with the points (System AILAC) has the Championship and the Prize in the pocket, That could happen to 600 km? surely that the nonserious classification the same one of 200 that of 600, this clear one.
In addition the measures necessary will have to be taken (GPS) to verify the release point, and to guarantee the rights



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