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- 16.04.2002

As I indicate when finalizing my previous article, they exist detractive and defending of the Colombodromos, like on all the things of the life, in my opinion the two positions can be based on:

INTERESTED DETRACTORS Or: There are them in several types of Colombófilos. They belong to the Professional Colombofilia, in his countries exist great amount of aids every week, with the consequent possibilities of obtaining some resonant prize, that increases its fame and it helps him in the continuation of his sales or its increase. Naturally this type of pigeon, cannot risk to be gained by a neophyte or a stranger, with the consequent economic damage that in the long run can represent. In summary little to win and to lose much.

Others are colombófilos that they like to handle the doves to they themselves, are not travelling people and prefer to play their doves in their house and in addition they do not want to spend the money nor to bet with the doves.
In general all of them argue: The colombodromos are a luck question, do not have logic, in addition the native doves to the organizing country, have advantage, the others do not adapt, disorient, lose many, diseases, like sending them, etc.

INTERESTED DEFENDERS And: There are them also by several reasons: Colombófilos that they compete with a reduced number of opponents or in places almost impossible to travel doves (Flights on the Sea) and want to resist them in other atmospheres and with another competition. These send doves to many Colombodromos and when they can they travel to the country of the competition. Without mentioning names a Pigeon in an Island of the Canary Islands exists, that at the moment has a reputation at level the International, that never by 1000 years that it lived could obtain from its ISLITA (Ventosa). Another one of Balearic, also either is known Internationally, these and many but in Valencia, Catalonia, Balearic ones, Castellón, Santander, Galícia, or begin to mainly sound in the world pigeon and in Latin America, since they had obtained it without the colombodromos?

Others to which they like to participate, to attend the Celebration of the arrival of the great Doves where one enjoys comilonas and good wines and beers and if in addition they gain a prize I DOMINATE, and to be able to be conceited, so that no, in front of the assistants of the quality of their doves, the celebrations of Barcelona see, Vinaroz, the Canary Islands, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Portugal, etc.

Others do not have another possibility to compete with their doves, by reasons for work, neighbors, etc., cannot do it in their address, but if to send them to the Colombodromo and power to enjoy them.

Others, the minuses, by the millionaire bets, like in million Dollars of the South Africa and other great prizes, and to which to register a dove costs 1000 Dollars American.

And finally those that compete by the Sport part like the Grand Prix of the Federation Pigeon the International or the Mondial Ranking.

Finally every time exists a group, but numerous, that attends with the spirit to buy doves in the auction, because already they begin to give to account the colombófilos, that these, usually give good descendants, and have the opportunity, to acquire unit to which never they would have access. Nobody offer bad doves to colombodromo, must pay and goes prestige.

To thus I think and thus you it the story.



© Carlos Márquez Prats 2002 -