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- 02.04.2002

At the end of century xx, without giving account us, a modality that had begun to half of the same one, it begins to pierce in our liking. Fíjense that paradoxical of the life, the strong growth experienced in the last decade, must mainly, to the denominated, small countries or of colombofilia of the pastime. One of the main motors, has been American Latin the Ibero Association, that without trying a protagonism, I annually raise with the leadership of the COLOMBODROMOS at level the International, organizing races, and which they attended all the Member countries in Block.

This great idea, dreamed up parallelly, to my election like President of the Federation the International in 1991, the Latin countries until then with almost 100 years of silencios, they were united around Spain and Portugal and they created this beautiful idea of the Latin Association.
This Association, tapeworm a double sense, first to organize sport events between the countries and second to obtain the interchange of doves between our Likings.

Memory with emotion, that auction in Colombia, where the doves came to ruin themselves for the first time to prices until then improbable, the friend Guillermo, with its Partnerships, Societies etc, we obtained the introduction and the interchange of our doves, improving the existing lines at that moment and today the descendants of those fly by all Latin America, beating constantly record of distances and verifications. As it said to me my Father "You throw the Vista back".

In Peru, I create, occurred to a great impulse to the Colombofilia, reaching Peruvian the very good results him. The CUBAN doves, today desired everywhere. The Argentineans with flights of up to 1,300 km, Mexican (I had the luck to have a male Gallic gift of Miguel, father of Mariachi), winners, experienced in COLOMBODROMOS and of which we learned much. Brazilian the so many winning, Chilean, Uruguayan, Ecuadorian, Spanish, Portuguese times and the Colombians, where we saw fly doves to 3000 meters of height, and with impressive a back force. LIKE INTERCHANGED HUBIERAMOS THE THOUSANDS OF DOVES THAT HAVE HAPPENED THROUGH THESE PAISES WITHOUT THE COLOMBODROMOS? AS THE WORLD HAD FOUND OUT THE QUALITY OF THE CUBAN DOVES. To put an example. How we had been able to connect to us between us, THIS HAS BEEN POSSIBLE BY the COLOMBODROMOS. And because a unique situation was conjugated, by the affinity of intentions, between all the leaders, who at that moment commanded the Latin Colombofilia.

The integration of Continental China to the Federation Pigeon the International, its Championship of the World, Grand Prix, etc, was cause of an explosion of Colombodromos in this Country, there are them to tens and they are the only system of allowed game. Many Chinese have in the balcony of their house two or three pairs, to raise and to command to run pichones. You think that with the first prize they are possible to be bought a House, for many of them, the "DOVES IS a LOTERIA."

I cannot finish this chapter without mentioning colombodromo of SIGHT in Portugal.

In 1995 between Gaspar Vilanova (President of Portugal and I, arose the idea to mount, an important COLOMBODROMO in the Iberian Peninsula, we visited several places and in SIGHT, a Portuguese town of summering next to the sea, we found the situation ideal. His young person and entrepreneur Mayor, took to us in his car and we visited a splendid land and place to mount the "GREAT POMBAL" that we had dreamed. Gaspar put hands to the work, looked for Sponsors, money, etc, and the Pombal was constructed, with a capacity of 1000 Doves. We glided to organize the Championship of World 1997 and an aid of the AILAC simultaneously and to invite all the Delegates of all the participant Countries to spend three days, with hotel and stays all guest.

In 1996 Gaspar President the International is chosen but to the three months he passes away unexpectedly.

We armed ourselves of value and with its succe



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