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- 30.03.2002

In many countries of the world bet money on the results of the aids, but everything is a smallness, compared with the fabulous numbers that gamble in China-Taipei (Taiwan).

In Taiwan, the only game of chance or allowed bet, is on the carrier pigeons, I believe that it was in his time a legislative lagoon, but thus is.
They exist amount of Clubs that organizes the bets and they are different from others by the amount which you can bet.
I explain it: The game is in all clubs equal. The indicated day the nest curtains ring are sold and the bet, the one of nest is like the normal ones of almost all the countries and those of the game, they are two of aluminum one of narrow hoop with password and another one of wide hoop with another identification, these go in a leg and the one of plastic-metal in the other. The prices are put on sale during ten days and! there this the difference, each club has his, that is 50 $ the USA pay but cheap and clubs of elite demands 1000 $ the USA by ring and minimum of sale 10, each partner must bet a minimum of 10,000, - $ the USA, said this and understood that there are them of 100, of 200, of 500.
Once finished the sale of the ring, this does not return to begin until trancurridos about three months.

Several types of Colombófilos exist:
A) The ones that they themselves in their pigeon house raise and compete.
B) Those that raise and give pichones to a caretaker in the pigeon house of that, in exclusive feature or union with few friends.
C) Those that raise and give to a pigeon house with caretaker who admits several small clients.

To the six months of to have sold the curtains ring the game, 12 races begins on earth and twelve on the sea, minimum ranges of 150 km, and principles 300 km in earth, 250 km on the high seas.
Indispensable condition, must run three days per week, Domingo, Wednesday and again Domingo and thus three months, if in any release the dove verifies itself at an inferior speed to 600 meters per minute, is eliminated of by life.
Sometimes it is not arrived at the last race by lack of classified doves, then the prizes in agreement with the results of the previous one are distributed, also if they are left to few the owners putting themselves of agreement, give by closed the game and the money is distributed. It is possible to be gotten to win until about 3,000,000, - of Dollars the USA that is almost SIX HUNDRED MILLION PESETAS in a series from these (according to the played thing).
In addition millionaire bets in Dollars the USA, each aid become.
You can imaginaros the control in the encanastamientos!
One takes place in the premises in which there are several prepared tables, six or eight, by the loudspeaker the names of the people occur that must, to appear in each table with their doves, once On guard, lower a grate just as in the circuses and are left all the world, truck including, isolated of the outside.
Each Pigeon in its table, teaches the legs of the dove, they verify his numbers, and they put a rossor to him of iron, later they must teach the wing, they remove a photo from enjaule previous and verify the marks and the wing, if everything is correct put a seal to him in the pen, next you happen through the photographer that returns to photograph the wing for the next enceste, and in the end pass the dove through the electronic clock and you place it in a species of mousehole with wires and a person faces it the entrance of the container, she opens the exit to him and the dove enters the truck.

Throughout the process nobody to hairdo the dove, nothing but its owner, are no cages in the truck, are containers with fixed cages. Always there are security guards and the containers go sealed, with cameras of television in circuit closed and escorted by the guards until their loose destiny and.
One always loosen, does not concern the time, only if it rains in the release point are expected until it stops.

Conclusion, a Colombofilia dedicated in e



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