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- 27.03.2002

With the improvement and practical application of the techniques of the colombicultura, the overcoming of the carrier pigeon can be obtained obtaining the biological balance that produces biotipo, being from the excellent conjugación of pathological, physiological, psychological, morphologic the factors, of production and yield.

But hete here that does not exist in the world pigeon some that is able to acasalar and to conform a pair that produces unit of quality in a one hundred percent. The quality dove does not have defined size, can be small, medium or great. It does not have color either, any pigmentación us can deparar crack. If aesthetically he is prettier to observe a pigeon house populated with blue, rollings or millers. Perhaps the uniformity makes them more beautiful. But once in the basket positive results deparen to us, or grandote, the very small one, the mosaic, begins to please to us destroying our primitive theories.

- How one is due to acasalar - Doubtlessly that the results determine to us to make the country places. But the acasalamiento is a true game of orange blossom. Thus me a veteran pigeon said to it, there when I began in my childhood. Surely joining two winners of bottom, or mediofondo or speed, according to in the category that we want to prioritize, we would have to obtain champions. But he is not as mathematical as it seems. If thus it will be the pigeon of greater resources it would be always the triunfador. A winner not always is good reproducer, although a brother of that one great mediocre winner although but of mordant can be an excellent reproducer. Of then that we must give him an extraordinary importance to pedrigree then by the knowledge of the family the ancestries reproduce there. We are not either in a whole in agreement with which they say that one is due to raise with young doves. We know that it is difficult to detect a good reproducer. Of there then that when it appears, must take advantage of until it continues giving products of was worth, anyone is its age. He is preferable that our reproducers are aquerenciados in our pigeon house so that they exercise the flight, but if thus it will not be either it affects minimum his reproductive quality. It can remain captive by several years and to produce doves of great quality. The reproducer is born does not become. Once I selected for the reproduction to two brothers of nest, a male and a female, was both two beautiful units that reunited all the characteristics of standart and came from a family of great quality. The male turned out to be a great father giving winning of average bottom and bottom, nevertheless the female did not produce absolutely anything.

The influence of the theory of the eye in the reproduction also is relative. Robert Roch Sanfulgencio gave to importance emphasizing the full eye him, also call eye ox to which he described as superior reproducer. Some authors maintain that everything what can be read in the eye of a dove is its physical training conditions, others - coverall the English declare that through the eye of the dove the most incredible things can be seen. The size of the pupil is related to the nervous system and the spirit of fight. Those of great pupils they are generally sprinters and determines that him physical lack rest to arrive in bottom races in which much to the birds is demanded to him.

We give importance him to the defined affluent eye, of strong color and often the white crossover of two eyes does not give the same good result that to cross a white eye another one of different color. He is doubtless that stops to obtain quality reproducers is necessary to experiment and to select permanently. In my life pigeon I have had three country places of hierarchy. Often we obtain a great rocket and we think that we have discovered the vein. We insisted, we raised several and we do not return to obtain nothing that serves. To thus it occurred me with a countr



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