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- 27.03.2002

At the end of century XVIII, the carrier pigeon was used by the Military and the Agencies of the news and stock market and in the main centers of businesses of Industrialized Europe.

All the newspapers, businesses, stockbrokers etc, had pigeon houses to connect their news and to know but fast possible the new features the moment. "the INFORMATIVE DOVE AS" -

When inventing itself the telegraphy, the pigeon houses were closed and great amounts of doves giveave or sold that went to stop at hands of citizens who lodged them in the attics of their houses or to colombófilos incipientes. At that time groups of them already began to move their doves in some release that another one, and its number increase by the easy access to these units.

Belgium I proclaim the cradle of the Colombofília and from Belgium one went expanding everywhere, all the one that it wanted to know, to know or to have a carrier pigeon had to go to a Belgian pigeon to begin in this liking.

The Belgians, grew spectacularly, until arriving at the 250,000 colombófilos or but on years 1950. Around the Doves I am created an Industry, meals, medicines, colombófilos, hard-twisted articles and like nondoves. Competitions, aids, championships were created and MYTHS, Dr Bricoux, Go Rail, Delbar, Catrisse, etc, and naturally the classifications of the Belgian aids were and are datum point for the acquisition of unit. For a Belgian pigeon but the normal thing of the world it is to sell doves, considers a prize more, to the one than it prevails in the races. Later the Dutch, English Germans and added this group who we could denominate the "professionals of colombofilia".

Colombofilia is this one exciting and difficult, there is amounts of aids every week, is necessary to know how to program the season and what you want and you can do, a dove is not sent to a race so that if, if this to 100% does not remain in house, there is no problem wrath to another one when this good, there is much competition, the lands are level and the winds move the doves of their routes, every day fly million doves, in all directions and whole sides of pichones of your pigeon house take and you do not see them TODAY but (I HAVE MADE a TRAINING WITH YERLINGS To 40 km and I NEED HALF And OF AQUI To TWO HOURS OSCURECERA, HE SENDS 100).

Colombofilia is divided in three categories:

1ª SPRINTERS, do not pass of 300 km, the bets are small and every day they are less, the rayons, (por lost of colombófilos annually a 10%) every time are greater and this does that the pigeon houses better located win normally and the others are gotten tired. Their doves quote little and it is done very little publicity in newspapers and magazines to them. If today the Professional Colombofilia "of these countries" has happened as the Belgian case from 250,000 to 50,000, has been with position to the colombófilos of speed and means bottom in its great majority.
2ª MEDIOFONDISTAS: It is understood those that compete their doves between 300 and 600 km, these or compete in Nationals like BOURGES, CHATEAROUX, the SOUTERRAINE, etc, the bets or are a little greater, and their doves quote according to the results, but they quote better than the previous ones, something of publicity to the WINNERS OF NATIONAL AIDS is made them mainly, and its number also descends, because they stop and others go to the group of the Fondistas, where can be removed better benefits.
3ª THE FONDISTAS: They are the great Vedette of colombofilia professional. Spectacular pigeon houses by its magnitude, facilities and all class of means, caretakers, managers, etc. They compete from 800 km to 1100km or but in Holland. Of these aids between Nationals, International, twenty Semi-Nacionales and Provinciales it has but of every year. But important BARCELONA, PERPINYAN, NARBONE, MARSEILLES, PAU, dax ETC., the bets can be important. When the results are good, their doves quote are sold and they are exported to everybody. They



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