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- 20.03.2002

In all the countries of the world people who practice colombofilia, like a pastime or hobby, mainly in the countries of the South exist, This of Europe and in Latin America.

This type of pigeon, has the doves its pleasure, takes care of them, mima and it does not like to lose them, naturally likes him to gain prizes, but it is not most important. They live colombofilia, of the friends, some comidilla, roasting, a paella, etc. Much conversation and collaborates in the social tasks, is almost always customary to run their doves by a trophy, naturally practice our liking during many years and the friendships also are it, being created surroundings to them a familiar atmosphere.

This colombofilia does not sell doves, it gives the friends or they interchange and they live the social aids enthusiastically, and they are not discouraged easily.

Great amount of aids is not organized and clubs in general is not of great size, although in many countries it competes between clubs, at regional and national level, but in fact when it leaves the social scope, the interest by the mentioned ones is reduced to few.

This colombofilia grows or holds the number of associate, statistically: It grows slowly in Balkan Spain, Portugal, Greece, Rumania, Poland, Hungary, Countries, Russia, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Brazil and Uruguay.

Italy, France and Argentina stay.

Most showy it is than this colombofilia does not descend, stays or increases, different thing, in another type of practice of the same one as we already see in following articles.

It is come off all the saying, that the crossed way seems the best one and when wanting to perhaps implant to these colombófilos, the aids of high competition like an obligatory custom, is committing a mistake.

The Countries that better work are those in which the competition is reduced to the social scope in general and clubs has between thirty and fifty medical instructors, being avoided the discussions created by the distances between pigeon houses when competitions between Clubs exist, Regional, etc.

The other type of pigeon, wants to participate with its doves to Interclubs levels, Provincial, Regional, National, etc, this is what they like, the social aids lacks interest for them, dreams in being Champions at Great Level and to organize aids with flavorful prizes, they dedicate many hours to the day for the care of his doves and know and they know all the relative one to the world the dove, they buy and sometimes they sell good units, and in the social aids and championships they are unbeatable (always they win such), with the consequent downheart and I disillusion of colombofília of the pastime.


Clubs or Associations between 30 or 50 colombófilos for which they please of one colombofilia social and familiar, disputing the Aids, among them with honorary Prizes and a flight plan to its measurement, competing at a similar level, in how much to the quality and the amount.

Clubs or Associations for the fans to the high Competition and the dinerarios prizes with important pigeon houses in how much to its number of doves as to its economic handling, quality and means and that represent less of 20% of the total.

When in these Countries the predominance is tried of on the others, it spreads I discourage and the displeasure and destroys Clubs in an infertile and useless discussion, because they are two completely opposed systems.

You the story so that therefore I see it.

A greeting,
Carlos Márquez.



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