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- 18.03.2002

This first EDITORIAL of my WEB I want to dedicate it, to comment what in my opinion it is the Racing Pigeon in the World, in agreement, with my lived experiences.

The Racing Pigeon is the liking of the man by the dove, in our case by the carrier pigeon, of mail, or races. This passion by the Racing Pigeon is lived in but of 80 paises around the world, of which 56 estan affiliated with the Federation the International, others like, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Equador, Venezuela, India, Pakistan, New Zealand, estan contacting with the F.C.I. and other developing. All of them include to but of millon of people which they practice to nuestar liking (Single China 350,000, -) forming a Brotherhood, that does not know distinction some between Races, Religions, Social Politica, Scales, Age nor Sex. In Racing Pigeon all we are equal and when we know ourselves or we were, we only know to speak of doves, doves and doves.

This Brotherhood, as the dove has a special sense of smell and one orientacion to find and to make friends quickly, I create single is comparable to the radio hams, sera a question of waves?

In any place the world, to a fan appears a problem to him, if it has the luck to encounter over colombofilo, or friend of this, everything is solved but facilmente the colombofilos we visited ourselves, we corresponded, Internet, etc, all we want to know but, to learn but to know secrets and excites and excites to speak to us of our doves demas.

A great Brotherhood that feeds it and unites our great passion by the doves.

Intecion is my that in this publishing house is published continuously, the news, anecdotas, histories and articulos elaborated by prestigious Colombofilos worldwide, to extend our knowledge and to also enrich our knowledge and, because no, articulos of noncolombofilos people which they have been or algun day, they can contribute to experiences lived and desencantos and the other one to us vision on Racing Pigeon from another prespectiva.

I want to relate in these Editorials as they are in my opinion the different types from Racing Pigeon and colombofilos that exist in the world, that resumire in five dieferentes articulos:

The Racing Pigeon like Pasatiempo or Hobby

The Racing Pigeon like Sport

The Racing Pigeon a Professional

Racing Pigeon the Racing Pigeon of the Game by the Money

The Racing Pigeon and the Colombodromos

Hoping that this new section of my page is util, of interest and serves to contribute a sand granite but to our liking.

A great greeting,
Carlos Marquez Prats



© Carlos Márquez Prats 2002 -