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Supported and helped by all we, undertook hallucinating trips to Mecca of colombofilia: " Belgium ". In addition to us we were with Jaime Sole, Galdon, Ricardo Montmany (" tiet "), Ortega, Antonio Giménez and some more. We visited, breaking the record of visits, the best pigeon houses of the time: Norman, Imbrecht, Roger Verekke, André Lietaer, Marcel Englebiene, Raymond Cobut, Rossens, Brothers Peters, Jansens, Julien Mathys de Vichte, Paul Tossens, Henry Lernout, Emil Materne, Bostyn, Thange, Van Spitael, Marc Roosens and other many. Of all valuable units were acquired and it Carlos drove crazy yet and tried to create a great reproductive panel. At that time, in addition to all we, it counted on the advising of Andre Lietaer, Henry Lernout and the aid of surely the best Spanish Pigeon of all times D. Antonio Mountain Giménez, with his inestimable aid formed the reproductive panel.

The principle was very cruel, the pigeon house is located to 700 meters of altitude above sea level and surrounded by mountains, that do very difficult to find the entrance to the pigeon house, but this then it was not known. Still we remembered those meetings that Carlos said "... I have sent 100 pichones to 20 km and only 10 or 12 have returned me ", and this in the best one of the cases. It cost very many to educate them and to find the system to teach to the doves to travel before this stranger situation. Theories were 1000 and advice equal, but the only who were sure that the one that arrived once later hardly it lost, were not the suitable doves? was not known before this situation the rational system of training? it was necessary to construct adapted doves to the medio.ambiente? at the end of all a little, but today the doves of Sant Feliu de Codines have gained it everything in Spain and anywhere in the world, and peculiarly in all circumstances (sea, snow, heat, mountains, etc).

In 1985 the famous Mickey Mouse, who is the dove that has given the fame him anywhere in the world, and with that was born has given the tin us during 17 years (still she lives).

This it is the result so that Carlos never was discouraged and fought like anybody to solve his problem and at the end of a difficulty, has ended up removing great Champions (he is thus).

Carlos always has collaborated with us and the Catalan Federation. We remembered when in 1981, the disease of Paramixo began. Nobody knew nothing on the disease. When doing a visit to the vetenerinario of the Taverner laboratories, I teach photographies to us on diseases of the hens, as our surprise went, when verifying that our doves such had symptoms that the hens, that is, the disease of Newcastle.
When soliciing the vaccines of Alive Stock (the Sota), the supplier perform onés duty course the denunciation to " the Consellería of Cattle ranch and Fishing of the Generalitat ", which prohibited the competition and the exhibitions us. Before this situation we contacted with Schemacker (natural) that advised we went us to the veterinarian Norbert Peters. Many we suffered the disease in our doves, and to him to perhaps live isolated in a mountain, it did not affect to him.

In a meeting in the Catalan Federation still we remembered the phrase of Antonio Giménez, said very textually " we do not know by where we go, nor we know what they have the doves, but the fault is of Márquez, because if to him had happened to him or it would be solved ". At the moment Márquez it took the telephone, it called to Belgium to the prestigious veterinarian pigeon Norbert Peters, and it requested to him that in a maximum term of 48 hours it was in Barcelona with vaccines and all the necessary one to end this problem.

Naturally we paid it between 10 volunteers, it was solved, and we knew that one was the disease of the Paramixo. The experience of Catalonia was sent to all Spain and to the Entire world, and thus it was by a technical work and processed by Luis Fernandez of the Retana very well and that was debated in the Congress of the Federation Pigeon the International in Katowich.


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